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Coming Home

A Letter From Our Founder Twenty two years ago, driven by my passion for the positivity the plant can bring to the universe, I planted my first ganja seeds right here in Vermont… After a decade of honing my skills in breeding, growing, and selling in the northeast, I headed to the capital of cannabis … Continued

A Rebel Grown History of The Emerald Cup

  Ever since I was a young teenager, I’ve been unusually intrigued with cannabis. From the first joint I smoked in the alleyway behind the old neighborhood hardware store, it has created a distinct enthusiasm and new purpose for my life. Since that moment, I immediately wanted to learn everything I could about this mystical … Continued

How to Select Male Plants for Breeding & Seed Making

Try to plan your goals ahead of time when you’re breeding or making seeds. Visualize what you’re trying to accomplish and spend time with your plants, really getting to know them. Observation is key, as it builds experience, intuition, instinct, and understanding. The better you get to know your plants, the more they will tell you and the more you will learn and understand.