5G's Purple_1

5G’s Purple

Double OG Sour

Double OG Sour

Golden Grahams_1

Golden Grahams

Rebel Sour 2.0

Rebel Sour 2.0


How to Select Male Plants for Breeding & Seed Making

Try to plan your goals ahead of time when you’re breeding or making seeds. Visualize what you’re trying to accomplish and spend time with your plants, really getting to know them. Observation is key, as it builds experience, intuition, instinct, and understanding. The better you get to know your plants, the more they will tell you and the more you will learn and understand.


The Importance of Diversity in Feeding & Fertilizing Cannabis

By diversifying your approach to feeding and plant nutrition you will see your plants respond to the advantages you’re providing them with. We all want to increase our quality and production while remaining cost and labor efficient. This is a great way to do it. Your patients, friends, family, buyers, lungs, taste buds, and brain will thank you.