5G's Purple_1

5G’s Purple

Double OG Sour

Double OG Sour

Golden Grahams_1

Golden Grahams

Rebel Sour 2.0

Rebel Sour 2.0

HeadBand OG Sour_1

Featured Strain: Headband OG Sour

This backcross is one of our personal favorites. Our choice OG Sour male was a perfect match for the famous Headband clone. It’s a pleasure to grow, as this cross is more vigorous and high-yielding in comparison to the original clone. The Headband clone takes about 11 weeks to finish properly, but these will finish a bit more rapidly due to the OG Sour.

Girl Scout Cookies

Featured Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

This variety of GSC is “forum cut” crossed with a male created from our favorite female phenotype of our Double OG Sour line and a male Starfighter gifted to us from a friend and elite seed collector. The plant has an above average yield with extremely high-potency flowers that are dense, frosty, and resin-encrusted with colors that range from purple to light lime green.

Rebel Haze (1)

Featured Strain: Rebel Haze

With long, thin spear-like flowers and lengthy flowering times, this sativa-dominant hybrid of Super Silver Haze has all of the traits traditionally found in an equatorial sativa plant. To improve upon this legendary strain, we’ve added a vigorous Sour Diesel genetic line which has increased the yield and given strength and size to the flowers, which have an intensely spicy lemon and menthol flavor that penetrates.