Original 5G’s



Main Description

The original 5G’s hybrid was made in 2010. We began testing it in 2011, and were immediately blown away. That year, we started development on 5G’s Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple, each representing different spectrums of the polyhybrid. We’ve continued to breed these strains into incrosses over several generations and each has made a name for itself throughout Southern Humboldt over the last five years.

In 2012, we started more from the original 2010 seed stock F1 hybrid and again were blown away. We found stand out plants with loads of diversity and variation, including the mother of our 5G’s Purple backcross and an early phenotype that finished September 15th with huge, beautifully dense flowers.

With under 100 of the original seeds left, we waited until we had the time and space to devote to preserving them. We grew all of the remaining 2010 5G’s F1 seeds and open pollinated all of the females and males together to preserve the strain’s diversity, of which this F2 has loads. Growers can look forward to plants of many different colors, smells, shapes, and sizes. This is a chance to grow a piece of Rebel Grown history and to explore and help preserve our classic polyhybrid.

Sour Diesel X F13 X (OG x Chemdog) x C99) F2

8.5–10.5 weeks


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