OG Chemdog BX2.2



Main Description

Our OG Chemdog mom is special it had the highest THC tested in the 2011 & 2012 Emerald Cup, and even placed 16th overall in 2012. Indoor grows have seen THC levels as high as 31.9%. Our OG Chem backcross lines are an attempt to represent that stellar plant while adding quality genes to improve vigor and create an easier plant to grow. In this backcross incross we’ve bred in our special 5G’s Yellow F1 mom. She was 14th place in the Emerald Cup in 2011 (the second finalist represented in this strain) and is one of our all-time favorite plants. We then selected OG Chemdog dominant males and backcrossed them a second time to add more dominance from the highly potent OG Chem mom. Beyond adding vigor, the 5G’s Yellow influenced the flavor, as well as the structure of the flowers. These plants grow large, dense flowers with heavy resin production. The best phenotypes are excessively encrusted with resinous trichomes.

OG Chemdog X (OG Chemdog x (5G’s Yellow x OG Chemdog ix1)

8.5–10.5 weeks


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