Headband OG Sour


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Main Description

This backcross is one of our personal favorites. Our choice OG Sour male was a perfect match for the famous Headband clone. It’s a pleasure to grow, as this cross is more vigorous and high-yielding in comparison to the original clone. The Headband clone takes about 11 weeks to finish properly, but these will finish a bit more rapidly due to the OG Sour. The buds develop with more density and fewer leaves, making this hybrid a pleasure to trim. In a side-by-side comparison these plants grew buds at least twice as dense as the Headband mom. The OG Sour influence also increased the potency of the already strong Headband. This plant is resistant to mold and grows huge branches with beautiful, fat-bladed leaves. The flowers from these seeds are highly consistent with a pungent lemon and sour fuel stench.

Headband X (Headband X OG Sour)

9.5–10.5 weeks


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