Main Description

Specs: ~25% all-CBD (CBDA synthase homozygotes), ~50% mixed CBD-THC (CBDA synthase-THCA synthase heterozygotes), and ~25% all-THC (THC synthase homozygotes); most of the all-CBD phenotypes will be in the 20:1 CBD:THC range, most of the mixed CBD-THC phenotypes in the 1:1 to 2:1 range, and most of the all-THC phenotypes will be in the 1:20 CBD:THC range.

Harle-Lu’s mother was found after germinating ten packs of Southern Humboldt Seed’s Harle-Tsu; it has a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio and was so monumentally different in growth habits than the other phenotypes that the grower hypothesized that the mother must have been pollinated by a different male. Similar to its mother, Harle-Lu has broad leaflets, tight node spacing, copious resin production, and large, dense conical flowers with a potently sweet flavor. The father added vigor, slightly extended flowering times, and increased internode length, while adding notes of skunk and fuel to the flavor. The effect is mainly dependent on the CBD:THC ratio, though the terpene profile is also a significant influencer. Both the sweet and skunky/fuely phenotypes can provide mild sedation, while the higher THC phenotypes exaggerate the effect.

(Harlequin X ???) X (Harlequin X Joseph OG) F1

7–9 weeks

September 21–October 15

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