Blueberry Muffin


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Main Description

In this third generation incross of Blueberry Muffin, you’ll find four phenotypes. One displays dense purple to light blue buds covered with frosty trichomes. This phenotype tastes and smells like freshly baked blueberry muffins. The second grows larger buds with darker shades of purple and bright red hairs. It has a wonderfully sweet and fruity flavor. The third is found less frequently and has large purple flowers that smell and taste like chocolate with a hint of blueberry. Finally, the fourth phenotype exhibits more of a hazy sativa influence from the Super Silver Haze. The buds are longer and thinner, still with a variety of shades of blue and purple.

This unique blueberry-style hybrid experienced a beautiful synergy with the addition of Super Silver Haze. The pairing left us with plants that are high-yielding, exceptionally vigorous, and easy to grow. This strain exhibits flowers that are gorgeous to observe during their development and produces a balanced effect suitable for creative tasks or engaging in outdoor activities. It’s a favorite among Emerald Triangle locals.

Diesel Berry (Sour Diesel x F13) X SSSDH F3

8.5–10 weeks


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