Main Description

Specs: ~75% all-CBD (CBDA synthase homozygotes) and ~25% mixed CBD-THC (CBDA synthase-THCA synthase heterozygotes); most of the all-CBD phenotypes will be in the 20:1 CBD:THC range and most of the mixed CBD-THC phenotypes in the 1:1 to 2:1 range.

Blue Moon is a well-balanced hybrid demonstrating vigorous growth, moderate node spacing, and extremely resinous, aromatic, and trichome-encrusted flowers. These flowers are dense with flavors ranging from sharp citrus and coriander to potent skunk, fuel, and marshmallow. The effect is mainly dependent on the CBD:THC ratio, though the terpene profile is also a significant influencer. The citrus phenotypes tend to be more uplifting while the skunky/fuely phenotypes contain more myrcene and tend to be more sedative.

Ringo’s Gift X (Harlequin X Joseph OG) F1

8–10 weeks

October 7–November 1

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