Main Description

This is the second backcross on our journey to attempt to preserve and improve upon the famous Blue Dream clone in seed form. Some may hastily consider Blue Dream to be a dull strain used for maximizing yield, but like many others, we consider this elite clone to have amazing potential for both quantity and quality. It’s hard to deny that it’s a special plant after trying a properly grown and processed sample of the real Blue Dream clone.

The F1 Blue Dream hybrid used to make our line showed mostly Blue Dream traits and dominance. We used two males selected for their height, vigor, stretch, thin-bladed Blue Dream dominant leaf structure and pattern, strong Blue Dream smell from rubbing stems, and large, dense male floral clusters. The male influence on this line is from an OG Chemdog, which makes the strain quite unique. The purple phenotype that exists in this hybrid is a keeper. It’s blueberry dominant and ripens relatively early for Blue Dream. Otherwise, this hybrid is stable and remains consistent with the popular traits people love about Blue Dream.

The plant is vigorous, high-yielding, and resistant to powdery mildew and mold. The flowers smell brilliantly of fruit and are even sweeter than the Blue Dream clone. This strain is potent (more so than the clone) with an effect that’s uplifting, creative, and long-lasting.

Blue Dream X [BD X (BD X OG Chem)] (BX2)

9–10.5 weeks


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