5G’s Purple BX



Main Description

5G’s is a 5-way polyhybrid separated into different representations of its parentage. Proud of our efforts on the original strain, we took on the tough task to improve on the already wonderful 5G’s Purple. We hand-selected the best from the first generation of the 5G’s line, choosing vigorous and flavorful plants with long spear-like buds covered in a beautifully frosty resin. We pollinated these with a second generation 5G’s male, then incrossed it one generation to further bring forward the positive characteristics we were looking for. The resulting plants are exceptionally vigorous and relatively easy to maintain, being naturally resistant to mold and powdery mildew. They grow long spear-like flowers with large resin glands, exceptional internode spacing, and a particularly impressive yield, all while wielding a sweet candy, fruit, and floral flavor.

5G’s F1 x 5G’s Purple F2 (IX or F2)

9–10 weeks


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