Featured Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

Featured Strain: Girl Scout Cookies. This variety of GSC is “forum cut” crossed with a male created from our favorite female phenotype of our Double OG Sour line and a male Starfighter gifted to us from a friend and elite seed collector. The plant has an above average yield with extremely high-potency flowers that are dense, frosty, and resin-encrusted with colors that range from purple to light lime green.

Girl Scout Cookies

We backcrossed this line back to GSC, adding more GSC traits while maintaining a higher yield, more vigor, and an increased resin production and overall potency. After testing five hybrids, three versions of backcrosses and incrosses with several different generations of each, we ended up with a great strain that we feel is an improvement on the classic GSC clone.

Click here for the full details of the plant including lineage, harvest dates, and flowering times.

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