About Us

Rebel Grown stands for those who live and preserve the cannabis lifestyle. We are not mild enthusiasts—we are the rebels of the past with a lifelong dedication to our craft. Our passion has led us on a journey from the east coast to The Emerald Triangle to work within the heart of cannabis culture, where our seeds are now created and bred organically and our patients are our neighbors, friends, and our local community in Southern Humboldt. Planting our roots in the capital of cannabis country has created a unique situation wherein many commercial producers have come to depend on the quality and consistency of our seeds for their livelihood. Our ruthless attention to detail, genuine integrity, and deep-seated belief in the social value of the industry have afforded us the opportunity to expand and now, for the first time, our line will be available throughout the rest of California. Driven by the desire to improve lives, we aim to be a positive influence on the world by helping to cultivate and share the best cannabis and cannabis genetics on the planet.


OG Chemdog – 2011 Emerald Cup, highest THC tested

OG Sour – 2011 Emerald Cup, 10th place

5G’s Yellow – 2011 Emerald Cup, 14th place

OG Chemdog – 2012 Emerald Cup, 16th place & highest THC tested

Double OG Sour (outdoor) – 2015 Mecca Cup, 3rd place


Inquiries: human@rebelgrown.com

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